• Muiruri George

Morse, “The Body, The Image, The Space in Between,” Illuminating Video

Installation! One of the fundamental aspects of video art. From the chapter’s title “The Body, The Image, The Space in Between,” …

I think I jumped into that a bit to quickly… I’ll start from somewhere close to the beginning. All forms of art have a way of displaying them. Pictures and paintings can be framed and mounted on a wall. Sculptures can stand on their own or be placed on some form of a stand depending on their nature. So with this in mind; How are videos showcased? Are they broken down to the individual frames and each mounted on a wall? Probably not. This is where installation comes in.

Morse, in “Illuminating Video - The Body, The Image, The Space in Between,” talks about installation and how this sets video art apart from other forms of art. I don’t believe there’s a set way for installing or setting up video art for the viewers. This is left to the discretion of the artist, the content of their work and their audience among st other factors.

The flexibility and somewhat complexity and simplicity of the idea at the same time makes it a crucial element of video art. It plays a great role in how the viewers experience the art.


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